Johnathan Ngoga Natural



This unique coffee is grown by Johnathan Ngoga and his family and is something quite different for Rwanda. The average area of land a producer in Rwanda grows coffee on is about 0.5ha, the Ngoga family, however, grows coffee across 10ha of land. The entire family, spanning three generations contributes to the production of coffee, from tending to trees, harvesting and delivering cherry to the Rugali Washing Station, it is very much a family affair. Coffee is the primary source of income for the Ngoga family and the income from production is shared across the family.

The unique size of the Ngoga farm allows for something quite unique for Rwanda. Usually, coffee grown across an area is delivered by hundreds of smallholder producers, mixed and processed together daily at the washing station and then presented as a regional micro or blender lot. With 10ha, however, coffee is delivered to Rugali where it is kept separate and processed three ways as a washed, honey and natural processed single farm lot. While in other coffee-producing countries this is nothing out of the ordinary, this coffee gives us an insight into a flavour profile from a very specific part of the Rugali sector within the Nyamasheke district.

For natural processing, coffee is collected and hand-sorted and then is laid out to dry on raised beds at Rugali. The drying time for these naturals is up to 35 days, which is remarkably long compared to the standard in Central and South America. The relatively low humidity in Rwanda allows for long and slow drying which lends itself to a clean and fruity cup profile.

Process: Natural
Type: Micro Lot Origin
Country Of Origin: Rwanda
Region: Rugali
Producer: Johnathan Ngoga