Rwanda Vunga Washed

AED 45.00AED 170.00

Roast Profile: Medium
Good For: All Brewing Methods (Omni Roast)
Tastes Like: Lime Peel, Dark Chocolate, Starfruit

Although located in a region of Rwanda where very little coffee is grown, Vunga has the reputation of producing extremely high-quality coffee. In 2012, Vunga Washing Station placed 13th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence and 4th in 2014. Co-operative members deliver coffee to the station, hand sort and float the cherry. After this process, the cherries are then pulped and washed in the newly constructed serpentine, funded through infrastructure investments from Muraho Trading Co and Raw Material.

In 2018, Vunga posted their highest ever profit and have reinvested a total of 6 million Francs from these profits toward the upgrades. These investments are made possible through Direct Trade contracts in place with partners such as Nightjar Coffee

Region: Nyabihu
Country: Rwanda
Producer: Vunga Co-Operative
Altitude: 1650 – 2000 MASL
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed


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