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THE KOFFEEIST: Traditional ceramic hand roasters with an ultra-slick modern design. Learn the raw, green side of home roasting with a totally unique method to experience your own, personally roasted craft coffee.

Individually hand roasting small batches of premium specialty coffee exclusively for you and your guests, evoke the age-old traditions of coffee rituals and hospitality… source your own green beans and then, from roasting to cup, let your senses explore different origins, processing types, and the exquisite flavors and aromas of your own freshly  roasted coffee.

Great for both novice and trained roasters alike – perfect for the Majlis, camp-site or your ‘home caffeine lab’ (kitchen table).   

Koffee Kit ‘box set’ contains:
1 x Ceramic Hand Roaster
3 x 20gr. Green Coffee Sampler Test Tubes (Washed, Honey, Natural Process)

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